To understand all the info above, check out our Site Facts Glossary. Oceans East Handjobs is our site up for review today, and this is a video-only handjob site that actually has quite a variety of things going on. They don't really stick to one niche, so you can expect something a little different in each scene. Recent examples include forced orgasm, yoga pants, multiple females on one guy, and more. The scenes vary enough that I can't quite tell if the content is exclusive, but I'd guess that a lot of it is pulled from different sources, so double check you haven't seen this stuff before. ... Read More
On a hilly Hawaiian road, the centuries-old trees tower over the tarmac, forming a green pavilion that dwarfs the Toyota Prius driven by the twenty-eight-year-old Dominic Monaghan. He interrupts his anecdote about fleeing from Paul McCartney at an Oscars party and marvels at the verdant world around us. Monaghan plays Charlie, formerly bassist for the band Drive Shaft, who has gone through heroin withdrawal with only a few aspirin to help him out. Charlie is a pleasant bloke trying to shake off some of the darkness of his past. That description fits Monaghan as well. ... Read More